Tinsley mortimer who is she dating tinsley mortimer who is she dating

16-May-2018 17:12

Let's talk about where we are, where we're going -- well, some of us; Ramona's invite is still TBA -- and what's possibly to come, because I have some questions.

As entertaining as Sonja's repartee with her non-invasive plastic surgeons, masseurs, and hair-removal experts may be, this is a common thread tethering the franchise together that needs to be removed ASAP.

As someone who's longed for Tinsley to join literally any other franchise or -- I'm fine with it.

Tinsley's moving to a hotel -- but is she moving out of state? To be fair, I'm totally shipping Tinsley and Scott.

Tinsley and Topper don't keep it much of a secret that they drove to Florida for a courthouse wedding when they were just 18, according to the same chronicled the entire Topper-Tinsley split, alleging that the end came soon after the wedding of Topper's friend Ware Sykes in Palm Beach, Florida.

Friends claimed Topper looked heartbroken at the event over Tinsley's new relationship with German royalty, namely Prince Casimir Wittgenstein-Sayn.

'Real Housewives Of New York' fans recently saw Tinsley Mortimer go on a date with a younger guy. Reports say her new boyfriend is Coupon Cabin CEO Scott Kluth.

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According to the New York Social Diary, Tinsley was married to "Topper" Mortimer (given name: Robert Livingston Mortimer) — an heir to the Standard Oil fortune and a descendant of founding father John Jay — from 2002 to 2009.You would think they’d have something better to do." It's hard not to sense some resentment there, especially when Tinsley said in response to his comment, "Sometimes he forgets, when he’s on this subject, like: 'I know one of them.That’s my wife.'"piece, Topper and Tinsley met while attending the private boarding school Lawrenceville in New Jersey, and officially got together when they were teens.Why haven't we seen Sonja, gassed out of her mind trying to unbutton her top during a crown replacement or prosthetic fitting while two hygienists try in vain to keep the top on?

Why haven't we seen her stumbling into an Uber -- which Connor ordered from Chex Morgan while he waits for yet another of Tinsley's chapeau deliveries -- and saying weird shit to the driver? Sonja's shenanigans are, of course, always welcome.

An episode that begins at Sur La Table and builds to another conversation between Bethenny and multiple assistants -- about the upcoming Mexico trip's itinerary -- this week is the quite literally all about table-setting.

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